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forontroleofsafetycontrolinlogisticindustryinfoundatacomponentsderivedfromanalytical chemistryappliedtoprotectoxygenstorageand/orexchangematerialandtotransportoxygen,carbon,ornitrogen; ortotransportorapplicationprevention All objects, components, agents, compositions and the like used in the methods and compositions disclosed herein are meant to include both common chemical compounds and the like and so-called biological components including proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids (e.g., RNA and DNA). As used herein, “functional group” refers to a chemical group that is typically chemically reactive. Examples of functional groups include (but are not limited to) hydroxyl, carboxyl, aldehyde, amino, amine, nitro, alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl, thio, sulfhydryl, amine oxide, and epoxide. As used herein, “ether” refers to an alkyl group as described above which includes one or more additional oxygen atom. As used herein, “amine” refers to an NH2 group. As used herein, “amino acid” refers to a compound having the formula: CH3-XCOOH wherein X is a side chain having the L, D, or a stereochemistry, wherein the side chain is a radical of a naturally-occurring or non-naturally-occurring amino acid. As used herein, “polypeptide” refers to a chain of amino acids connected by covalent peptide bonds. A polypeptide can be branched or cyclic. As used herein, “prodrug” refers to a compound that is inactive until an appropriate biological response to the compound causes the activation of the prodrug to a bioactive form. The prodrug can be in a salt form, zwitterionic form, or other solvated or unsolvated form. As used herein, “composition” refers to one or more chemicals, such as an antibiotic, a therapeutic agent, a diagnostic agent, an imaging agent, a detection reagent, a filter, a carrier for an agent, a solvent, or the like, useful for a biological function, including but not limited to protection of a biological site (e.g., an infection site), detection, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment




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